Transformers Universe

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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The Transformers MMO was announced in July of 2010 by Netdragon and is said to be a large scale 3D Combat MMO set in the Transformers Universe.

We can't wait to see Autobots such as Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, Sideswipe and of course Optimus Prime square off against the Decepticons suck as Megatron, Soundwave and Starscream!

A recent announcement made clear that the company had changed direction and will be converting the game into a MOBA rather than a standard scifi MMORPG.

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  • blokmasta

    Prowl…? Wheres prowl?

  • Ho Shot A-Bot

    does anyone knows how to play this game

  • transformed

    does anyone know how i can play transformers universe because it says awaiting call up do i wait? please asnswer my questions

    • Gennt4

      Same problem here…still can’t find any START button.

    • ShadowHunter1071

      no its just shut down andwe have now completely shut it down.No hacker can enter the ngame till we realese Transformers Universe 2.0

  • ol

    hää what that no grate my account ._.

  • shadow

    il piu fico tra tutti e optimus:

  • shadow

    my favorites are rachet and optimus seem to cause the most hard: and then there’s ultra magnus smoscreen the best

    • BOSS

      bumblebee, iron hide, ratchet, and optimus is the best because bumblebee is guardian;
      iron hide is heavy weapons specialists so he causes most damage; and optimus is a prime, ratchet not so cool but is useful.

  • jjjj

    how do you actually play the game?

    • ShadowHunter1071

      We shut it down!!!!

  • YOYO

    I know how to play click on the button PLAY BETA then a screen will open click on INSTALL GAME ENJOYYYYYY

  • vollder


    • ShadowHunter1071

      We shut it down cause there were hacker using exploits!!!!

      • Shadow teh Edgehog

        u could have banned hackers. i mean is it that hard. Roblox has people that hack the game but did they shut it down??? NO!!! and just the fact that everyone loved it and you took it down pissed a lot of people off like me it had great potential but you wasted it by shuting it down. just give the game one last chance at least reboot of it to play the same good old game that hyped up everyone.

  • BearCan

    Game is shut down.

    • Gasz

      I shall go cry now

      • BearCan

        Yeah, it was fun while it lasted.

  • foxy rocket

    how do u get to play transformers?

  • Greenvortex

    is there going to be a new transformers univirese?

  • ricdaij

    uhh don’t know if anyone noticed but the game is shut down

  • kai

    it wont even let me play

  • kai

    how do i play

  • kai

    i want to play but i cant find the play button where is it

  • Ahmed Zion Commànder

    pliz i need play this game

  • ShadowHunter1071

    I am the CO-Owner of the game and there will be transformers Universe 2.0 coming soon at 2/14/16!!!!Hope your happy!(my account got hacked so i will put all of my infomation back soon!!!)

    • Kelly

      Why won’t the game let me log on tiday? Whole alliance says they can’t get on

    • Septimus Prime

      Thats 2 days away from now! Are you sure?! I see no news of that in the tf sites! :O

    • WickedTransformer

      Where is the webside of this game ?
      because if the game releases tomorrow I’d like to play 🙂
      and does the game releases in Europe too ?

    • WickedTransformer

      Where is the webside of this game ?
      because if the game releases tomorrow I’d like to play 🙂
      and does the game releases in Europe too ?
      I’d like to know .
      Already thx for the reply.

    • WickedTransformer

      I can’t find the webside to download the game where is the new transformers universe ?

    • VideoGameHelp

      Well its way past that time and 2.0 still isn’t around…

  • ShadowHunter1071

    and if ur wondering why it’s not working because it is shut down if u didn’t know cause it gor hacked and people were using exploits!!!!!!

  • Sniper8995

    When u release transformers universe 2.0 make transformers to fight…more fighting less shooting pls…Everything is good now but put some fighting moves….it is little boring to play transformers without fighting I mean in movies they fight all the time….

  • Katie Christine

    is this game still up??

  • Dresselaers Brent

    Where is the webside of this game ?
    because if the game releases tomorrow I’d like to play 🙂

  • WickedTransformer

    Does the game release in Europe too tomorrow ?
    and whats the webside name ?

  • Jose berrios

    Hey hey hey this needs to be answered so im a big Transformers fan and i dont really like using pc dont judge but i own a xbox will transformers universe be open to consoles

  • LeodanLantigua

    when is transfomers universe 2.0 coming out plz answer.

  • aw man i was really lookin forward to playin this

  • Drift King

    well this game got canceled I don’t know why but the game was awesome tho