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Tree of Life is a 3D fantasy mmorpg developed by oddonegames for PC and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. In Tree of Life you can become anyone or do anything you'd like: whether it be farming, slaying other players, traveling and defending the world, constructing your own village, or watching over your lands. You will come across many different types of players and be presented with many difficult choices throughout your adventures, but possibly the most troublesome decision will be where you want to start.


Village Construction: Build your own village wherever you'd like in the world and grow it into a formidable castle.

Class Combinations: Become a grand warrior, master smith, fabled farmer, or become all three at the same time if it so suits you!

Hardcore Gameplay: That gorgeous castle that you've been building up for a month could be wiped out in a single raid if you and your allies don't defend it well enough.

Guilds: Work together with other players with similar mindsets and dominate the world in the ways that fit you best.

Player-Driven Economy: Build a farm so that you can generate food for you and your allies, or craft mighty weapons to wield in battle. You can even travel the world and transport goods as far as the eye can see.

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  • Tree of Life Beta Trailer

    Tree of Life announces a Steam beta starting April 18th!

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