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Tribes Ascend is the undisputed fastest shooter on the free to play market. Ski over beautiful landscapes you won't have time to marvel at as rockets and bullets whiz around you in an adrenaline fueled heyday of raw action. Loadout your favorite class to customize your playstyle before testing your skill in the ultimate test of twitch in a variety of game modes.


Jetpacks: This shooter isn't all about hiding behind corners or camping from hard to reach places. With jetpacks, the sky is the limit, as you speed across vast expanses before your enemy knows what hit them.

Game Modes: Tribes Ascend features a variety of modes to keep things entertaining. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Blitz (the flag locations move randomly!), Arena, and Rabbit (holding onto a flag as long as you can in a wild free for all!).

Spectator Mode: Experience the freedom to watch matches exactly as you want to with the unparalleled freedom of Spectator Mode.

Customize: Choose from three armor types and a wild range of weapons to build out your ultimate shooter, while still being within a predictive realm to maintain game balance.

Vehicles: Jetpacks and skiing just not doing it for you? How about a tank, two person super cycle, or variety of other vehicles to liven up the experience?!

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