Trophy Riders

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Trophy Riders is an online horse adventure game by Elias Games. Set on a mysterious set of islands that are under control by a evil millionaire, you and other players must reclaim the island with the help of your trusty steed, with plenty of challenges to overcome, competitions to win, and beautiful landscapes to explore.


Ride: After receiving a horse to care, players can train their horse and gain experience through events and special rewards. Once your horse is mature enough, you can venture out into long trails, compete in competitions or just hang out with other players.

Explore: With several different islands available, there's tons of areas to explore, with plenty of wildlife to watch and plenty of scenic roots to take.

Adventure: Go on a thrilling adventure either by yourself or with other players are you attempt to overthrow the evil millionaire from disturbing the island and its village residents.

Compete: Compete in several different events that will display your horse's speed, endurance and grace.

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