TUG: The Untitled Game

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    Nerd Kingdom

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TUG is a single and multiplayer open-world sandbox RPG using emerging technology and social sciences to directly involve players. As an interactive platform for social science research, the developers plan to use ongoing research to focus and prioritize development goals in order to create a more engaging gaming experince.


Creative mode: Players will interactive with 13 unique “real world” biomes complete with terrain contouring and blending. Along with complex cave generation, full control over placeable items, 50+ placeable terrain texture blocks, 40+ resource items and more.

Survival mode: Scavenge and survive in procedurally generated limited map arenas featuring 7 of the biomes found in Creative mode.

Class-less system: Includes a combat system where your abilities and skills are defined by your actions. Using different weapons gives you different play styles.

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Game Videos

  • TUG V2 Progress Update

    TUG V2 showcases its new art style, UI, and system changes in this dev progress video.

  • TUG: Alpha 0.8.6 Update

    TUG launches Alpha 0.8.6, adding helmets, adult bear rams, dyes, and more.

  • TUG – In The Works: Helmets

    Nerd Kingdom introduces helmets to TUG.

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