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    Nexis Games

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UCraft is an open world sandbox MMO designed for the Wii U. Inspired by games like Minecraft, players will also be able to create their own quests and campaigns to share with others.


SDK Paint Integration: Use Wii U's SDK Paint to modify and change the world to your liking.

Quests Galore: Along with quests that come with the game, the game also supports quest creation from players.

Multiplayer Modes: Play with one other player in local 2-player co-op, or online with up to 16 friends.

Four Classes: Four classes will be available at launch: Warrior, Engineer, Sorceress, and Magician.

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Game Videos

  • UCraft Next Gen Indie Sandbox Promo Trailer

    UCraft reminds us they're still at it and mean business by showing a wizard with a gun zooming around a voxel world on a go-kart. Everything Nintendo fans

  • UCraft Trailer

    UCraft is a Multi-Player open world sandbox that is being developed by Nexis Games exclusively for the Wii U.

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