Underworld Ascendant

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    OtherSide Entertainment

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Underworld Ascendant is a painstakingly detailed dungeon crawler with an emphasis on player freedom both in discovering the world and in solving of the challenging puzzles. Explore the dark depths below interacting with logically simulated systems and always be prepared to enter the fluid and intense combat where you'll use a mix of powerful spells and stealth to survive, available for Windows.


Return to The Stygian Abyss: Along your journey of danger and intrigue you'll become more and more embroiled in an epic narrative between two opposing factions fighting for dominance. Your choices, or lack thereof, will subtly or dramatically change the outcome of this bitterly rivalry.

In Touch: Keep an eye out for situations where you can interact with and manipulate your surrounding environment for new discoveries and lavish rewards.

Thinker: Formulate extravagant battle plans or rush in head first and experience the blood-pumping adrenaline from facing overwhelming obstacles on the fly.

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