Vampire Tribunals

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Vampire Tribunals is a mobile, multiplayer strategy game. A supernatural experience where your vampire fantasies are no longer dreams, they are real. Bite your way through thousands of real-world victims on your iPhone using in-phone navigation to locate your next opponent in a quest to become the world’s most dominant blood sucker.


DEEP SOCIAL INTEGRATION: Build your own dark community by creating a powerful House, the more vampires in the House the faster you will gain power.

ORIGINAL STORY: Developer Raincrow Studios has written an imaginative vampire narrative where you’ll meet key story figures during quests such as Inness St. Croix (a Patroness), Mary Rowland (the damphyr awakener), the Nine Killer, and the Prince of Merchants.

EVENTS & QUESTS: The phases of the moon and seasons affect gameplay. World Events coincide with each seasonal Tribunal, providing bigger more complex Quests and rewards leading up to the tournament-style Reckoning.

COLLECTIBLES AND CONSUMABLES: Collect gems, consume blood vials, and purchase cards to level up and infuse yourself and your House with powerful magic.

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