Virtual Earth Online

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    VEO Games

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    Free To Play, Sim

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Virtual Earth Online is an upcoming free-to-play 3D sim MMORPG developed by VEO Games for PC and is expected to release on Steam. In Virtual Earth Online players can take part in one of the most ambitious sandbox MMORPGs ever attempted with a massive open game world the size of the entire Earth. Houses, streets, and other facets have been reproduced in a virtual world that players can travel, explore, and shape to their liking. Do what you wish and be whoever you want to be. The entire world is yours to explore, discover, and shape in Virtual Earth Online!


Be You: In this game you can truly play the way you want to! Become a farmer, builder, traveler, or something else entirely! Take in the sights of other players' creations as you make your way around the world or purchase your own land and build to your heart's content.

Voxel-Based Building: Building in Virtual Earth Online is voxel-based, meaning payers can build nearly anything from building blocks of all kinds of shapes and sizes. The blocks don't even have to be square and can take custom shapes when needed!

Massive World: With every house, street, park, and corner of the Earth reproduced in the game there will always be somewhere new for you to go! Travel instantly across vast expanses or take the long route to different famous locations, big cities, or the most remote corners of the world.

Custom Blocks: Create your own custom textures for blocks to unshackle any creative limitations. Whether you want to create one of the most modern skyscrapers available, a humble abode, or the garden of your dreams the options are there to make it all happen!

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