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Trot the globe in your bathrobe with Wanderlust Travel Stories. Inspired by real-life travel stories this digital travel game will take you to some of the most exotic locales on the planet. Available on PC and Mac via GoG and Steam, as well as iOS mobile devices.

Business Model: Retail Purchase $19.99, Steam, GoG, Apple Mac/iOS/AppleTV

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Playable Documentary: With a blend of journalism and slice-of-life storytelling Wanderlust touches issues big and small, all while letting you see the world through someone else's eyes.

Your Journey: Choose what to pack, where to stay, and when to move on. Just like Kenny Rogers.

Immersive Travels: Professional photographs and deft narrative take you all over this beautiful world of ours to experience its people, places, and cultures.

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    Wanderlust is a digital travel experience. Feel a sense of awe and discovery as you visit a hot Thai marketplace or the peaceful Antarctic seas. Explore je

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