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War Commander is a free-to-play browser strategy game developed by KIXEYE and can be played either on their personal website or as a Facebook app. In War Commander players must rise above all others in a post apocalyptic world, taking on any Rogue Factions and online players that dare challenge them. Whether or not you're ready for it, the world has become a harsh place. Your offense and defense must be impeccable if you want to survive in the violent world War Commander thrusts you into.


Sectors: Players are each assigned to their own sector which can contain thousands of other players. Here you will have to start building your base and lay your claim to your territory.

Base Management: You'll need to manage multiple aspects of your base, including resource gathering, building construction, structure upgrades, and unit creation.

Offense and Defense: Learning to build your base up to defend against incoming attacks while also launching your own attacks against other players' bases will be key to climbing through the ranks.

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    Build a powerful army, show no mercy and battle enemies for earth's remaining resources. The world is up for grabs.

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