War of the Vikings

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    3D Medieval

War of the Vikings is a close-quarters combat RPG. Play as a Viking or Saxon to take (or defend) Briton in a realistic historically-inspired setting, based off the War of the Roses engine.


Aggressive Combat: Intense close quarter combat awaits you, where skill beats strength and mastery of swinging, chopping, blocking, dodging, and more is key to survival.

Arena Game Mode: An arena game mode intensifies the difficulty, putting your enemies only an arm's length away.

Perfect Perks: Choose the right perks to enhance and perfect your play style.

Multiplayer Rumbles: Large scale (64 player) multi-player, multiple game modes, and two-faction PvP are waiting for you to test your strength.

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    War of the Vikings is an all-new multiplayer game built upon the technology that drives Paradox's medieval squad combat title War of the Roses.

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