Win That War!

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  • Developer:
    Insane Unity

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    Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Win That War! is a 3D Sci-fi MMORTS developed by Insane Unity for PC and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. The year is 1023 of the Galactic Era where the population has expanded throughout the universe and even deeper explorations are being sent out. A new planetary system has been discovered, and within it are stars with a new, untapped resource that could change everything. Now the largest economic powers of the galaxy are dispatching envoys as fast as possible in hopes of claiming their own riches from the stars.


Planetary Take Over: Fight to take over a planet for your faction and once the war has been decided, move on to the next one!

Resource Management: Successfully manage your resources to make sure you can fund unit construction and technological upgrades.

Collect Intelligence: The more intelligence you can gather on the opposition the better off you'll be with taking them out.

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