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    KingsIsle Entertainment

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Wizard101 is a fantasy-themed multiplayer online role-playing game geared toward providing a safe and engaging world for younger audiences to enjoy. Enroll in the prestigious Ravenwood Academy for magical arts and save Wizard Town from evil!

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes, additional in-game content can be purchased or otherwise accessed with a monthly subscription.

Key Features:


Fire: Slowly but surely take out even the toughest of foes.
Ice: Redirect and soak up attacks with bone-chilling efficiency.
Storm: Though fairly inaccurate, if you can get a hit in it will do massive amounts of damage.
Life: Keep the party healthy with a loadout of healing spells.
Myth: Call upon the help of little companions and let them do the fighting for you.
Death: Damage your enemies and steal their life force for yourself.
Balance: Jack of all trades, respond to any situation.

Magical Attunement: Answer a series of questions and determine your elemental affinity.

Filling Binders: Track down powerful cards and add them to your collection.

Card Conjuration: Take turns drawing from your deck and playing the right spell for the right situation.

Strategically Scaled: Ensure victory by balancing offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Adventure Ahead: Travel to a variety of unique islands.

Pet Adoption: Seek out and raise up a loyal companion.

Big Bad: Prepare yourself for tough bosses by training your level and finding strong gear.

A New Challenger: Explore tactical variety by facing off against other players.

Home Management: Adorn your home with beautiful gardens and decorations.

Keeping it Friendly: The online world can be a bad influence on young children, ensure they don't run into foul language or bad behavior by altering certain parental controls.

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