YS Online Europe Review: It’s Over 9000!


Ys Online is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) , which is based on the Japanese view of an RPG fantasy world (anime-ish). You'll find a lot of interesting humanoids commonly found in Japanese anime as well, whether it is cat women, well-endowed beauties, or cute "chibified" Lolitas, you're bound to find them here. The story is pretty much your average "peace and war" MMO cliché where 3 races who have been living in peace for so long end up fighting in an all out battle for Supremacy. Not that I blame them or anything since it IS the easiest plot to formulate. Yes, these stories are rather generic and  you'll often find them in most MMOs. As much as I would like to expand the story, I'm very sorry to say that the story just isn't narrated very well, and that the player actually needs to read the notes on the site to understand the situation at hand. Don't judge the game too quickly by the way as it is commonly played around the world, reaching an insurmountable number of subscribers who love and play the game as it is. The game does have a lot of things going for it, so let's dive in and see how well it does shall we?

Ys Online Announces New Open Beta Content


Thousands of players are currently enjoying the Ys open beta, but exciting new content is coming and they will be among the first ones to test it! The anticipated new features will be enjoyed by both veterans and new users alike and will include the following additions:

YS Online: Open Beta Is Here!


After one month of closed beta testing, finally we are proud to expand the Ys universe to everybody who is eager to go deep into it.