Zentia Tour: Have Fire Monkey, Will Travel


In a word, this game is cute. In several words, because "cute" doesn't quite tell you what you need to know about anything, Zentia is a quick, easy and visually pleasing distraction.

The Unveiling Of Zentia Open Beta


ChangYou.com (US) Inc., proudly announces that in early October 2010, Open Beta will be unleashed to the gaming community worldwide for the most loveable, charmingly hardcore, 3D free-to-play MMORPG, Zentia. The Zentia Open Beta will showcase four additional characters, high level content, exciting events, the Token Shop, and many more thrilling new features.

Zentia Interview: A Unique Oriental Fantasy


Zentia is an upcoming MMORPG published by ChangYou US and also the 3rd title in its English portfolio. Developed by Chinese studio, Pixel Soft, the game is coined as a "fairy tale" MMORPG with a delightfully twisted sense of humor. Judging from the various media releases about Zentia, I am convinced that it looks really wacky and fun at the same time! With players dreading the massive number of Asian-themed MMORPGs in the recent market, will Zentia be successful in convincing players that there is much more to the game? Let's find out.

Zentia Early Access Beta: Open to All Players, No Character Wipes!


ChangYou.com proudly announces that on August 16th, the Zentia Early Access Beta will be open to the gaming community worldwide. The MMORPG gaming community will have full access to the game with no Beta Key required. In addition, accounts and characters created in the Zentia Early Access Beta will transfer over to Open Beta in early Q4, 2010.

Zentia Announces Gate Crasher Event


ChangYou.com (US) Inc. is announcing today that from Aug 5th through Aug 8th, Zentia's team dares those that were unable to get into the Closed Beta to break through their tight security system for an opportunity to test out the game.

  • Ulian Bogilov

    why zentia is stoped ;( i am soo sad ;(