Astro Lords Closed Beta Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Bisbog to secure you a spot in the upcoming closed beta test for Astro Lords, one of the top sci-fi strategy MMOs we’ve played in 2014.

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a free-to-play MMO designed for iOS, Android, and web. Build your asteroid base as an interstellar stronghold, while maintaining ships, resource extraction, and more!

The Closed Beta Key also features:

  • Deuterium: 50
  • Tritium: 50
  • Credits: 5000
  • Workers: 20
  • Explorers: 5
  • Spies: 2
  • Crystals: 500

Plus: An additional 50 Deuterium will be added to the accounts of all players having participated in the Closed Beta Test on the official launch on the first of July.  All Deuterium that players will have bought during Closed Beta Test and Open Beta Test will also be added to their accounts.



To Redeem your Key:

This event has expired.