Bleach Online Beta Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with GoGames for the initial beta test of Bleach Online, a tactical RPG set in the world Bleach fans know and love, including Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo.

Bleach Online Giveaway

The setting is just before Rukia’s initial interaction with Ichigo. You enter the world following a 1,000 year slumber, resuscitated and sent on a special mission by Captain Commander Yamamoto. Will your presence change the fate of the Bleach universe? Find out in the story driven world of Bleach Online.

The Beta Spirit Cultivation Pack Includes:

  • Silver * 100k
  • Level 1 Spirit Stones pack
  • Reiatsu Cultivating Pill * 10
  • Soul Talisman * 10
  • Vitality * 10
  • Souls * 100
  • Coupon * 50



To Redeem your Key:

  • Visit the GoGames landing page to sign-up for an account.
  • Enter the game and create your character.
  • Redeem your code from the item shop and enjoy!

This event has expired.

  • FrozenBlaze

    I don’t understand where I should input the key. I created an account, entered the game, created a character. Entered the shop and found no place to input key

  • A game will never capture Bleach if it is a tactical RPG. So sad that no good devs pick up stuff like this and run like hell with it. SMH

  • iphayze

    I tried to go to the shop but can’t find a place to put this key in, so I went to “redeem code” next to the shop but it tells me my key is invalid. I’m confused, where does this key go?

  • KoroSu

    Gift Code is up right …. not in shop , and all keys are gone now