Dizzel Closed Beta Golden Rifle Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with OGPlanet to welcome you into the first closed beta test for the action heavy shooter, Dizzel!

Dizzel has entered its first beta test and OGPlanet wants to make sure that players are unleashing their inner carnage and bloodlust in style. To kick off the beta test, OGPlanet is giving away a Golden SG552 Assault Rifle that would make even JamesBlond jealous. So jump into this heart pumping, non-stop action thrill ride and equip some killer bling.



To Redeem your Key:

  • Sign Up for your FREE OGPlanet account
  • Download the Dizzel Installer
  • Once Dizzel is installed, login to the game and create your character
  • Go to Dizzel’s Redemption Page and enter your coupon code
  • Check your in-game “Storage” to add your items to your inventory
  • You must have a character in Dizzel to receive your items.

This event has expired.

  • Somebody_Else

    Several keys from this giveaway have already been claimed from your IP address; you cannot redeem any more keys from this giveaway right now.

    That makes no sense, I’ve never even heard of Dizzel before. Either someone is spoofing ips, or the ip/qty identification is flawed.