GodsWar Online Newbie Pack Giveaway

Onrpg is working with IGG to give away Newbie Packs for the Godswar Closed Beta that started on march 18th!
Each pack is worth 6$ and contains:

5 Level 1 emerald – It can increase gear’s grade
5 Level 1 sapphire – It can increase gear’s quality
20 Level 1 crystal – It can increase the success rate of forging gear a bit
3 Super EXP potion – Increases EXP gained by 400% for 1 hour
1 Maid Suit – A plain suit for the servants of Greek nobles. It is valid for 7 days, the effective time will begin being deducted after equipping it. (Female)
1 Pirate Suit – It is said that this rough and stylish suit is symbolic of this rough and stylish lot. Valid for 7 days; the effective time will begin being deducted after equipping it. (Male)

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:
* If you are not yet an member of Onrpg please sign up here: http://www.onrpg.com/boards/register.php
* Enter your Onrpg username and password below to get your Code.

Instruction on how to Get Your Prize with the CD-KEY you obtain:
* Register for a GW account at http://www.igg.com/member/gw_reg.php
* Download the GW game client at http://gw.igg.com/download/client.php
* Go to this page http://gw.igg.com/newbiekey and enter the CD-KEY you obtain.
* Create a character after entering the game, the items will be in your package.

All items are bound and cannot be traded or given away.
The Maid Suit is for female characters and the Pirate Suit is for male characters, please equip the correct suit and delete the other.

This event has expired.