PWI Riptide Scout’s Kit Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Arc Games to invite players into the new watery depths of the Riptide expansion with a massive item pack known as the Scout’s Kit!

With the launch of the Riptide Update, experienced players will receive a new endgame dungeon difficulty with fresh mechanics and a new boss, as well as both main and daily quests advancing the saga of Perfect World, over five years in the making. Additionally, this update introduces the Star Chart aura system to unlock unique buffs allowing a wider range of character customization, making them more powerful than ever. Check out more in our dev interview here.

The Scout’s Kit Includes:
– 1 Gold Guardian Charm

– 1 Gold Spirit Charm

– 2 Perfect Iron Hammers

– 10 Hyper EXP Stones

– 2 Inventory Extension Stones

– 2 Safe Extension Stones

– 1 Aurora’s Egg

This event has expired.