TERA Lost Isle Halloween Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with En Masse Entertainment to celebrate the Lost Isle update to TERA with a special Halloween EXP Pack!

TERA is set to revamp their new player experience with the Lost Isle update! Featuring an expedited route to level 11, a shiny new island, and improved UI on the character creation menu. Plus the Halloween events are nearly upon us!

The TERA Halloween Pack 2015 Includes:
• Fresh Pumpkin Mask (Permanent, Hair Slot) – Straight from the fields and onto your head!
• Boneshaker (7-day Character Mount) – Your bones may shake, but your enemies will quake as you ride into battle on this skeletal mount.
• 100% XP Boost (1 Day) – Increases your hunting XP reward by 100% for 1 real-time day. Can only be used on characters level 64 or below.



To Redeem your Key:

  • Go to https://account.enmasse.com and create a new En Masse account or log into an existing one.
  • Click the “Redeem Code” button from the “Account Overview” page.
  • Enter your code and hit “Submit”.
  • Launch TERA and log into the account you redeemed the code to. If you haven’t installed TERA, download it from: http://tera.enmasse.com/download.
  • Claim your items from the in-game Item Claim (accessed from the main menu bar).


For further information regarding code redemption and claiming your items in TERA, visit our FAQ here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/how-do-i-claim-my-premium-services-and-purchased-promotional-items



This event has expired.