Absolute Force Online – A Truly Unique FPS

Absolute Force Online – A Truly Unique FPS

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF), OnRPG Journalist



Absolute Force Online is an up-and-coming FPS developed by TQ Digital using the Unreal Engine 3. The game features lots of freedom and options mixed with beautiful graphics. Add that with the intense gameplay, you get a one of a kind experience. Absolute Force Online is surely a harbinger of change for the free-to-play FPS genre.




Hero Battlefield Mode – Once your character has reached a certain amount of deaths, it will become a Hero with highly increased stats and abilities.

Plenty of Customization – From head-to-toe, you are given an incredible number of options to make your character as unique as you want.

Intense Combat – With all the options available to you, you can play however you like and will be given the ultimate experience in FPS combat.

Lots of Game Modes – There are over seven game modes to play. Ranging from the typical Capture the Flag to Zombie Mode.



I was impressed with the features I came across in Absolute Force Online. They all lived up to their claims as far as I am aware. What surprised me the most was all the freedom given to players, not in just how they can customize their characters’ looks, but in how they can play the game too. TQ Digital did an outstanding job.



Make Yourself Unique

Absolute Force Online offers an abundant amount of customization. You start by choosing your faction and gender. You can go with Justice Hand, which are basically the good guys. Or you can go with the Fallen Angels, a group of merciless killers. From there you choose your hair style and color, face type, skin color, facial details – such as tattoos, body tattoos, and at the end you choose your character name.



The customization does not end with character creation. After you have made your character, you can continue to customize him by buying and wearing from a lot of clothing options. From a hilarious panda suit to your typical soldier uniform. The customization variants are nearly endless.



A Beautiful Game

The graphics in Absolute Force Online are simply amazing. I was constantly filled with awe at all the detail there was. The lighting and shadow effects were superb. I died a number of times just because I had stopped to admire some part of the map. The user interface was perfect. It did not take up much space on the screen and had a design that was pleasing to the eye. I just cannot get over how incredible the graphics are.



I really liked how bullets have a real impact thanks to the physics engine. When you kill someone, their body will often fly backwards from the bullet impact. More than once, I have had a laugh at how bodies tend to fall in odd ways. Blood will splatter on the ground and wall behind them, too. This makes for a really satisfying experience.




If you have played an FPS before, you will be familiar with most of the controls in Absolute Force Online. WASD for movement, left mouse button for shooting and right mouse button for aiming. Double tap and hold W to sprint, or you can hold alt while holding W – which I thought was an odd hotkey. Ctrl for crouching, which you will want to do a lot. Most of it is nothing new or exciting.



Besides the usual controls, there are also some interesting things thrown in. One of my favorites was the on-the-fly mouse sensitivity changing, using the page-up and page-down keys. I appreciated the ability to quickly switch between third and person mode while in-game. What really impressed me, though, was the left-handed and right-handed support. With the simple push of a key you can switch between the two. Not many games I have played made support for both left and right hands, let alone making it so easy.




Your Fellow Players

Some of the community is nice and helpful; other parts of it are mean and hateful. So, it is your typical FPS community. Most communication centers around people commenting on kills or deaths. There was not anything that really stood out to me. So I cannot say much in this area. I can say that you need to come in to the game knowing that you will probably be called names, accused of cheating, or some other nonsense. But there are also those that will go out of their way to help you and will compliment you rather than insult you.




Absolute Force Online offers a bit more in this area than your typical FPS. There are a bunch of game modes to play. Each more unique than the last. The available game modes are: Team Death Match, Bomb, Zombie, Arsenal, Death Match, Capture the flag, and vehicle. My favorites were Team Death Match, Arsenal, and Zombie. Vehicle was decent, but I sucked at controlling the helicopter.



The most exciting mode I played was Arsenal. This is a free-for-all game mode where each time you kill someone, you get a new weapon. This means things are constantly changing. You have to constantly adapt to using a bunch of different weapons. I felt that this game mode was the most extensive test of skill.



A close second was Zombie. In this mode it is humans versus zombies. The round ends when all humans are turned to zombies. Zombies get a lot of health and can move quickly. Humans can shoot zombies but it’s near impossible to kill one. Shooting them will push them back a lot, however. And it will make them drop buffs that you can grab for a speed boost and such. It only takes one hit from a zombie to turn you.



Combat in general was an intense experience. The weapon handling was great. I did notice that there was no weapon shake from breathing. I do not know if this will change in the future or not. This made sniping really easy. Sound plays a massive part in the game. A majority of my kills were achieved because I heard someone running. This means walking and crouching is important to cut down on your noise output. This gives the combat a very tactical spin.





Playing Absolute force Online was a wonderful experience. The gameplay was just so splendid for a room-based FPS. The graphics and numerous customization options added a lot that made for a truly unique game. I honestly did not encounter one negative that was more than a trivial gripe or worth mentioning. I cannot get over how close to perfect this game is. Things look bright for the future and I look forward to seeing how this game develops as time goes on.


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