ACE Online Interview: Bigger and Badder in 2010

ACE Online Interview: Bigger and Badder in 2010
Questions by Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by [GM] EchoSaviour


Ace Online is a long time running space ship themed MMO from Subagames. The biggest update coming from this game was the release of its third episode, War of Pandea. Now with the first quarter of the year nearing its end we get to talk to the guys at Subagames again and ask what’s up with Ace Online.


OnRPG: It’s been three months since the start of the year how has the game been doing so far in 2010?
It has been a year to remember so far, lots of improvements in many areas of the game. More events, more interaction with the GM’s, and a lot more ways for a player to get from free stuff too! Basically we started the year with a bang and it hasn’t let up yet.


Ace Online Beams
Energy Beams


OnRPG: Are there any new major patches coming up for Ace Online? Why?
The upcoming Episode 3.3 patch would bring MASSIVE changes to the game over the course of the year. Plenty of new content and features are coming. Some of the content will breathe new life into the game as it opens up the endgame for the players. Actually we just launched a new patch for beginner players so basically it’s now a lot easier to reach that endgame now.


OnRPG: The latest major update for the game is Ace Online’s Episode 3, War of Pandea. Will you be releasing episode 4 anytime soon? 
Episode 4 is still in the very early stages. I do not have any information on it as the developers at Masangsoft are still working on the planning. Of course we’re not even done with Episode 3 yet so there’s still plenty of ACE Online for everyone until Ep4.


OnRPG: What are the things you are looking into adding into the game for 2010?
The upcoming Episode 3.3 patch will introduce the first stage of a raid instance system called the “Infinity Field”. There are multiple stages that will be added over the course of the year, and each one will have their own unique identity. The first one, the “Kreasia Holy Land” is pretty much a preview of what’s to come. It’s jet fighters versus dragons, so you can get the idea of how epic this content is.


OnRPG: There have been a lot of GM shifts during the game’s course, how has the company been handling those changes?
Although there were many shifts, the absolute core GM Team has not changed and so much of the knowledge and experience was kept so it can be handed down to the newer staff.


ACE Online Combat
Fighting Dragons


OnRPG: With the game strictly restricted to piloting ships and travelling in space how have you guys been keeping the players interested?
Well most of the time you’re flying around and shooting down what’s in your way but on the other side of the coin you can spend much of your time in town and just socializing with friends and allies online. Also another key factor to keeping the interest was all the crazy events we’re running. Events with new items, events with the GM Team, events through the forum and website, there are now many new ways to experience the game.

OnRPG: Has there been an increase in player participation in the nation wars? Why do you think there’s been more/less participation of players in these wars?
There have been many changes to the game since its release into Episode 3. One of these was a complete overhaul of the existing nation war system. Although the smaller scale fights don’t occur as much, the larger scale fights have become far bigger. It’s a virtual light show when you start fighting in these large battles, of course you have to see to believe.


OnRPG: Can’t the boss mobs in ACE online get any bigger than they are? Will you be adding bigger, badder monsters in the succeeding patches?
New bosses will be coming in the Episode 3.3 introduction of the “Infinity Field”. They are of a whole new breed of bosses that are far more deadly and capable than the previous. These new bosses are bigger, badder, and are capable of doing things that bosses before were unable to do. It is a challenge to beginners and veterans alike and move definitely will require teamwork.


OnRPG: Is there any possibility that you will include another faction aside from the Bygeniou and Arlington? Why or why not?
Although story-wise there are other factions, it is highly doubtful that another faction will appear. It would probably require a significant overhaul of the game overall.


OnRPG: Is there any possibility that you will be including a new gear type in the future? Why or why not?
We believe that 4 Gears is the magic number. Adding a 5th Gear would make people question on its specialty and may end up causing a bigger problem to integrate. The 4 gears seem to cover all possible fields in the game sufficiently.


Dragon Combat Ace Online
Combat in ACE Online


OnRPG: Among the four types (B-gear, A-gear, I-gear and M-gear) which is the most preferred ship used by players? Why do you think so?
The overwhelming majority of players like the B-Gear for its versatility and overwhelming bombing capabilities. However in the end a good player can still out-fly a bad one. If one takes the time to polish and hone their actual flying skills then you can become king of the skies regardless of your gear.


OnRPG: What’s the most populated map in terms of PVE for players? Why do you think so?
For the high level players, It would be a map called “Barren Lands”. Although it’s a neutral map and players from both nations can go there it is generally a map loved by all. Excellent drop and exp rates in that map allow the high level players to further perfect their characters.


OnRPG: Where do you get the ideas for the weapons and armor upgrades you provide players in Ace Online? 
Sometimes we dig up the game’s history and use ideas from there. Other times we try to research how best to relate various aspects of the game with mythology. For event items, we just go crazy with the actual feel and nature of the holiday the event takes place and just run away with the idea. Like Christmas tree missiles.


Kreasia ACE Online
Kreasia Holy Ground


OnRPG: Where do you base the updates you include in the patches?
Much of the ideas for patches are a collaboration of ideas from the various hosts of the game internationally. Since this game has an international audience, there is something for everyone as ideas come from different nations all over the world.


OnRPG: Are there any updates you’d like to share to us aside from the patch update for march?
There are a lot of changes coming for the game in 2010. Many of which I cannot tell at this time due to lack of information but I can say that the “Infinity Field” addition to the game will introduce many new aspects that will offer players more versatility in customization of their characters. There are still lots more to come and we want everyone to try it out when the new stuff comes.


OnRPG: Thank you for your time!
Glad to be of service!

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