By Onrpg

On of the most hardcore BBS Ever created. This game is a stand alone web browser game wich enable an unlimited number of players. Guild and rings are allowed. It’s really hard to start at this moment of the year, so wait until it restarts. This will happen anyway.

Pros: The graphic side of the game is wonderfull and the inimaginable quantity of items makes the game unique. There’s now a lot of servers and one nice thing about this is, that the goal is not only to beat up every players but to destroy tera. That means that if you aredare enough, you can try to litteraly destroyu the server wich would significate the end of the game ! That’s really interesting you’ll see.

Cons:The game is too hard to start after the few days of the restart. And this year, they changed a part of the interface wich makes it less beautifull. And thoses darn popups makes the game slow and frustrating. The tutorial are undescriptible !

Total. This game got a 8/10 from me ‘cos of the beauty that really kicks. It’s a real piece of art. But the game is not perfect. Even thoses it’s a must see in the domain of text-based.

Someone cannot claim beiing a good BBS player with having a simple idea of this game.

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