ARK Launches onto Windows 10 Store with Xbox Play Anywhere

ARK Aberration Screenshot

ARK: Survival Evolved as of today is on the Windows 10 Store, bringing the dinosaur action-adventure title to another platform. While already available on Xbox One and Xbox One X, it is now officially an “Xbox Play Anywhere” title,  that allows players who purchase it digitally to play it on both platforms at no extra cost. Tied to their Microsoft account, it will take their save file, Gamerscore, DLC, and achievements with them. Additionally, ARK for Windows 10 version supports Microsoft’s cross-play feature, which means Xbox One and Win 10 players will be able to cooperate or compete on the same servers to capture, tame and train some of the Jurassic-era’s most powerful beasts while they’re at it. Windows 10 purchasers can also acquire the Expansion Packs, such as Scorched Earth and the latest, Aberration (which is available for 19.99, or free for owners of the Season Pass).

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