2.5D Platform-Shooter MilitAnt Receives a New Action-Packed Trailer

MilitANT Art


Xibalba Studios has presented today a new trailer for its 2.5D shooter MilitANT, last seen over a year ago.


In an insectopian world dominated by nations of sentient, six-legged species, war is under way. With military tensions high and resources in permanent dispute, the other insect empires – Scorpions, Wasps, Termites, and Beetles – have united against the Ants to exterminate the Colony.


However, a lone soldier ant stands above the rest. After awakening to explosions while manning (anting?) a guard tower, he seeks defend his homeland and uncover the truth behind the invasion. Armed with an arsenal of bug-slaughtering blasters, the hero will bring new meaning to the term “fire ant” in the platform-shooter MilitAnt.


Featuring classic, 2.5D shooter gameplay with platforming elements, smooth, 3D-animated graphics, a diverse variety of weaponry, epic boss battles, and more, MilitAnt is guaranteed to deliver an action-packed, next-gen adventure.


Get a taste of the swarm war and check out the new trailer below:

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