4Story: Saturday Fever

4Story: Saturday Fever

4Story announced that every Saturday morning 7 consecutive tournament events will be held starting this weekend which are called “Saturday Fever”. Zemi, developer of 4story, is emphasizing that all MMO gamers would die for this open and public PVP system that hasn’t been introduced in MMO industry so far.

In addition to this, folks from Zemi told us that one of their users simply gained more than 7 times game money as a winning gift of 1 tournament betting as a spectator of the tournament.

Events Details

The Coliseum tournament event will be launched every Saturday. Fight to earn fortune as a gladiator or make your bet on the gladiator to make extra game money! Happy Roman holidays to all 4Story fans!

When: 10:00 ~13:00 PST, Saturday, Every weekend!
Prize: God’s treasure of Taiconteroga (2 units), God’s treasure of Gebrah (2 units) for the final winner!

Tournament proceedings
Tournament 1 : 1st Class Individual tournament (All classes)
Tournament 2 : 1st Class team tournament (All classes)
Tournament 3 : 1st Class individual tournament (Warrior)
Tournament 4 : 1st Class individual tournament (Assasin)
Tournament 5 : 1st Class individual tournament (Archer)
Tournament 6 : 1st Class individual tournament (Wizard)
Tournament 7 : 1st Class individual tournament (Summoner)

* Reminder : Each tournament will last about 30 minutes. After each tournament finishes, the next tournament will start in 5 minutes. Less standby time so there are more tournaments for you to enjoy!

4Story - Saturday Fever!


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