Ace Combat Infinity Delivers Update 11

Ace Combat Infinity Delivers Update 11 news header

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America’s free-to-play flight-shooter game, ACE COMBAT Infinity, brings players Update 11 today!  This spectacular update delivers new aircraft, new online co-op missions, a new aircraft category and more.

Update 11 introduces an impressive twenty three new aircraft to the ACE COMBAT Infinity lineup, including six standard aircraft (Tornado etc.) and a massive formation of seventeen special aircraft.

The A6M5 ZERO, P-38L Lightning, Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ixe, and Bf 109 G-10 are featured as new aircraft within the new aircraft category, “PISTON FIGHTER.” These aircraft can be used in the “Piston Aircraft Restricted Online Co-Op Missions” and the “Piston Aircraft Restricted Team Deathmatch” ranking events.

In addition, the F-15E -Garuda1- and ASF-X -Ridebacks- are returning via the “Back again” online co-op missions ranking events. This is your chance to obtain these aircraft once again if you missed out on them previously!

Players can also look forward to the “Alps Air Corridor (HARD)” Online Co-Op Mission, “Retro Combat Evaluation” Online Co-Op Mission and the “Retro Combat Evaluation (HARD)” Online Co-Op Mission. Also, Free Flight mode now features the new “Alps” map!

In addition to these updates, many events and special challenges have also been added which include:

  • 4 Online Co-Op Missions Ranking Events
  • 2 Team Deathmatch Ranking Events
  • 6 item drop events
  • 10 types of Challenges

Don’t miss out on these events and special challenges! Try to obtain as many rewards as possible!

Other updates include:

  • New Aircraft Parts and Special Weapons 
  • New Instant Radio Messages
  • Additional Nicknames, Aircraft Skins and Emblems
  • Aircraft Level Cap Increased to Level 15 or 20
  • Bomber Type Aircraft Level Cap Increased to Level 10 or 15
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