Adventurer’s Journal: Too Many MMOs


I’ve taken a week or so away from FFXIV and not because it’s bad. On the contrary, I really quite love it. But part of this job is not always playing what you want, when you want to. I have been far too busy to be able to play stuff I want, and by the time my work day is over, sometimes I just want to sit around and watch wrestling, maybe record stuff for Bottom Tier. The current stuff in XIV is kind of goofy, kind of silly though. We’re in the midst of the Yo-kai Watch crossover, where you can unlock mounts, cool/silly weapons, and lots of companions to run around with you. Fans of the anime will love it! Me? Eh, not so much. I do love collecting mounts though, so I’m on board. But I’ve been torn lately! Legion’s update is on the way, and with them are Demon Hunters. That will probably mean I’m covering Legion, which I have missed playing WoW, to be totally honest. I’ll be going back to that faithfully, for better or worse, as many will. I say worse, because the past few expansions have been pretty sour.

Final Fantasy XI: Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer thumbnail

Yeah, Pandatown sucked, and I won’t apologize for it. Cataclysm was okay, it had some cool stuff. But overall, the last few expansions have been dreadful. But what am I really looking at right now? I have a few friends that have been trying Final Fantasy XI for the first time. I was blown away to see that it is still going on strong on PC, and actually has a pretty big following! There’s a lot of content I didn’t do when I was playing regularly. In fact, I only went through the second or third expansion. So much stuff I missed, and it’s easier than ever to play it. You can run around with NPCs that help you and fight with you as a team, when no friends are around. That was the thing that drove me away from XI. Not having a party means you aren’t playing the game. Sure, one or two characters could solo, but far and large, no party means no fun. So, I want to give it a try again. The graphics are dated, but they were really quite pretty. I loved the story, I loved the concept. I think it’s time I peer at Final Fantasy XI again. I kind of miss it, and it reminds me friends past.

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