Adventurer’s Journal: Trying FFXI After a Decade

ffxi behemoth

So, I still have an FFXIV account and I’ve taken a week or so off of it because I’ve been insanely busy. However, this weekend I found a bit of time to come back to Final Fantasy XI. A friend insisted that I take a look again since it was still going strong, and still getting content. It has received pretty regular new content, though I think the final big update has happened. I’m not giving up though. It’s been almost fifteen years since the game started! However, my account though recovered, would still require me to purchase the DLC I’m missing [Everything after Wings of the Goddess], spend money on the account, et cetera. However the FFXI content on Steam was gifted to me by a pretty great person so I’m back! The grahpics are a bit lackluster, but that’s no big deal. However, starting over, all my gil gone makes me intensely sad. I was a rich man, once. . .It wasn’t worth it to recover my old account, but I’m slowly looking at it, seeing what I can do.

ffxi trust

In the meantime, I’m so glad Windower exists! If you play the game normally, it has no mini-map, and you can’t alt-tab without destroying the game in full screen. The ability to use Windower, have a few add ons to make the game more enjoyable is nice. Now, you shouldn’t need add-ons to play an mmo, but this game is about 15 years old and has still had no updates to the UI that would keep it on par with everyone else. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I think, but I have some positives to say. It might still be backwards, slow, and tedious to play, but there is more easy to access storage space than ever before. I remember having to get rid of items and important stuff because I simply had no space. That’s gone! And Trusts. I cannot stress how good trusts are. The big deal about FFXI was it was focused around group play. If you don’t have friends to play with or can’t find people, you can’t advance past 10-20 at the most. Trusts are NPCs that you can summon through a quest chain that will heal/tank and fight with you. I’m not saying you should drop your game and come play FFXI on Asura, but you should, if you’re feeling nostalgic, at least see the game. It’s still hanging in there, and is making strides to keep peoples attention, and I appreciate that.

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