ÆRENA – Now Available in S.Korea/Japan wit eSports Competion


ÆRENA: Clash of Champions, the turn-based, cross-platform MOBA from independent developer, Cliffhanger Productions, is going global with launches in South Korea and Japan.

ÆRENA is the premiere launch title from SK Telecom’s T-Store, which reported over 53,000 pre-registered users in five days during the August beta launch. SK Telecom is a leading mobile service provider in South Korea, and a longtime supporter of professional esports.

Coming to Japan in late-September, ÆRENA is partnering with newly established publisher, Chorus Worldwide. In 2013, Japan was the the largest app market in the world, accounting for $5.5bn of revenue and nearly one-third of all mobile gaming purchases.

Previously, ÆRENA made it to top 10 positions in the Chinese App store and was one of the few western titles to be featured by Apple in China.

“These past few months have been amazing for ÆRENA,” said Creative Director Jan Wagner. “We began working with the Electronic Sports Leauge, built a solid fan-base across North America and Europe, and recently launched our most massive update yet. We built ÆRENA to be the esports game we wanted to play, and we couldn’t have asked for better partners as we venture into Japan and South Korea.”

In addition to working with SK Telecom and Chorus Worldwide to reach a global audience, Cliffhanger Productions announced at Gamescom 2014 that the studio is teaming up with the Electronic Sports League (ESL) to place ÆRENA further in the spotlight with an emphasis on bringing esports to mobile devices.


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