Age of Wulin: New Expansion for June

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WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, announces that the martial arts MMORPG Age of Wulin will release a new expansion on June 16th, named Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers.


Following Heaven’s Ascent, Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers brings many exciting features and challenges for the Age of Wulin community with Lingxiao City, a new player battleground, the Flower Prince competition, the Partner System and a new instance to discover: Island of Delight.

The icy gates of Lingxiao City open with Chapter 6, as players take charge of the defence or siege of Lingxiao City. Players will be attributed a faction at random, between Snow Mountain Sanctuary, Valley of Frozen Souls or Blood Sabre Clan, and will either fight off fierce invaders or become a defender of Lingxiao City itself.


The Shifting Flower Palace is one of the most secretive Factions, versed in the martial arts with ruthless warrior maidens, seeking revenge against the men who wronged them until now. Once a month, the Shifting Flower Palace will open the doors of this restricted Faction to male characters for the supreme title of Flower Prince, but not without setting conditions. The top ranked players in several categories, if they accept the invitation, will be bidding and fighting to become the new Prince of the Palace. Access to the Shifting Flower Palace and the title won’t be the only rewards, as the Flower Prince will receive also the Ancient Skill Set of this Faction to cultivate and a special outfit to parade in.

The Jianghu is a dangerous world and Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers will bring a new feature enhancing the social aspect of the game: the Partner System. Characters can build loyalty and befriend other characters choosing to do so. This new ally can be summoned during battles and allows players to learn from their own Combat and Internal skills among the options.

A new instance is introduced in Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers, the Island of Delight which follows the events of the Silver Hook Sword Boat from the previous expansion. Only the seasoned players can enter this instance to challenge the Hell King and unravel the illicit activities taking place on the Island of Delight.


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