Age of Wushu Random Encounter System

Age of Wushu Random Encounter System



Many Players of Age of Wushu have experienced the more straight-forward adventures during our Closed Betas. The Script Stealing events, Open World PvP, and deep economy are some experiences that players will outright recognize in their travels. One of the more unique features that remain a mystery to many is the Random Encounters System.



Random Encounters become recognizable by the glowing red lantern that is seen over an NPC’s heads. 



 Players begin a conversation with these new NPCs and take on hidden tasks. 


These conversations can lead to larger action quests that reveal a hidden cave where you must battle beasts, bandits, and puzzles to unlock new skills or treasures.


Others are more straight-forward as simple conversations based in town that reward a player with recipes, or manufacturing skills (maybe even unlocking a larger Random Encounter in the end).


What the quest is can be just as difficult in discovering as the way they were triggered, but the reward could be more than worth the deviation from the main tasks.



A Random Encounter will present itself only when you are ready for them. That could be based upon the level of an internal skill, a title achieved along your quest within your school, your reputation with making friends on the server, or an item that dropped in an adventure outside of town that appears insignificant in terms of use. Whatever the reason, you will begin to see more and more NPCs with the lantern over their head. While one or two of these encounters may be minor, they could in turn unlock more encounters that can change the destiny of a player all together.



The best way to find out more on the random encounters is to experiment with them yourself in Age of Wushu. Talk with other players that may have run into these new tasks and work to find out how to resolve them.  Age of Wushu is currently in its 2nd Closed Beta with a To Be Announced open launch sometime in Spring of 2013.



A trailer demonstrates various elements of these quests including some sweet looking cutscenes that might occur in your adventures once random encounters appear. The video was shot on an earlier test version of the game though so localization and some graphical touch-ups aren’t show.

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