Altis Gates Particle Effects Take 2.5D to the Next Level

Altis Gates Particle Effects Take 2.5D to the Next Level


IGG will be launching Altis Gates, a new turn-based fantasy MMORPG, very soon. The graphics of the game utilize advance techniques such as effect engine and particle collision dynamic editor technologies, creating the 2.5D presentation of the game on a 3D graphic engine to fully reflect the benefits of particle effects rendering technology. This enables the full realization of the various effects of spells and other elements of the game.
In a previous article, the Altis Gates team released 2 examples of what particle effects technology can do. To allow players to further appreciate this technology, they have compiled a set of benchmark comparisons.
Particle effects rendering is closely related to the display saturation level. From the screenshots of the game outside combat, you can see how particle effects help enhance the color saturation and contrast of the graphics. Compared to the traditional static content approach, this gives the game graphics an added level of surrealism and mysticism.

Medusa's Gaze


In addition, particle effects technology offers a high level of performance for rendering combat sequences. Altis Gates uses the latest DirectX technology to ensure a high level of detail that will practically make players feel as though they are in the action themselves.
As a 2.5D turn-based MMORPG, Altis Gates displays top level graphic performance using particle effects rendering technology. From the detail level of the maps to the fabulous execution of combat graphics, players will be left in awe of what can be accomplished in a 2.5D game.

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