Angels Online: Floating Island Preview

IGG’s Angels Online team is excited to announce a ton of new content slated for release in the new expansion-Floating Island. When the update goes live in the near future, players will discover new maps, new NPCs, new equipment, and even new skills and a new character class.

New Class
All players will have access to a brand new class- Assassins. Assassins focus on speed and accuracy. In addition to the basic melee attack skills, Assassins will have a special copycat ability that will make them dangerous in any situation.

New Maps
Adventurers who are keen on exploring the secrets of new maps will enjoy seven new scenes and an imposing instance included with the release of Floating Island.

The island itself floats above Dark City. What surprises are the ancient locals and their robotic protectors hiding? Players will also discover an ancient cave in the middle of Eden. Why has the mysterious Sunshine Palace been buried underground for so many years? The answers to these questions and more are waiting to be found if you can overcome the challenges and obstacles surrounding them.

New Bosses and New NPCs
With brand new maps will come new stories, new NPCs and, of course, new bosses. From mighty boas that are as powerful as giant dragons to massive robots controlled by ancient technology, the denizens of the Floating Island are fiercely protective of their territory and their secrets. Naturally, the Evil Lyceum has its own devious plots for players to overcome.

New Equipment
The Angels Online team will also be releasing various brand new pieces of equipment. Powerful gleaming weapons, imposing heaven suits, and amazing mounts and robots like the Polar Bear, Dragon Boat and Pegasus will give players plenty of new items to add to their characters’ collections.

New Skills
With the release of Floating Island, the character level limit will increase to 140. With more levels comes a series of super skills and stances, including two brand new skills for each class.



Angels Online - Floating Islands Expansion

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