Angels Online: New Expansion and New Server Launched

The Angels Online team is very happy to announce that ‘The Lost Atlantis’, the new expansion for Angels Online was released after the server maintenance on October 9th. A new server called Atlantis is available as well to welcome new players.

After the new expansion is released, many old players may return to the game, to be joined by many new players. In order to offer players a smoother, friendlier, and easier gaming environment and to lessen the pressure on the servers, the AO team has decided to release a new server called Atlantis.

The AO team always makes every effort to offer players the best service in and out of game. In the new expansion, the Lost Atlantis, the highest character level will be 100. More than that, many new systems such as the Card Collection and the Gleaming Weapon system will be available for all players. The advanced pets and new underwater rides and robots will attract many players as well.
In addition, the AO team will be holding a series of events to celebrate the release of the new expansion.

Event 1: 2X Exp on the Weekend
Event 2: New Expansion Leveling Up Contest
Event 3: Forbes List

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