Angels Online: New Expansion City Overview—Palm Base

Located to the northwest of Eden, there is a large blue sea where Angels begin their adventure in the Lost Atlantis. The Lost Atlantis offers players 13 distinct, charming field scenes. After players get to know more about the new expansion, they will find more attractive underwater scenes.
Today, the Angels Online team from IGG has been kind enough to take some time to give a brief introduction about the new city “Palm Base”.

Palm Base Overview
Located in the middle of the southern part of Puqi Island, it is a new base surrounded by oceans and islands. Coco trees are lush and green here. The blue coastline extends to the boundary of Puqi Island. Some shells are scattered along the beach and shine in the warm sunlight. They look like stars in the sky. Players can also find some giant crabs and Color Whelks near the coast.

Built by excellent scientists from the Iron Castle, the base is outstanding because of its defense and attack abilities. It is divided into 5 parts, including four special parts for the four factions around the base and a part for commerce and sightseeing in the middle. The northern area for the Shadow faction is evil and imposing. The eastern one for the Steel faction is impressive due to its defensive abilities and high-tech feel. The southern one for the Breeze faction flourishes with a sense of vitality everywhere. Respectable knights go the rounds in the western area for the Aurora faction.

In the middle of the base, there are four faction totems and officers from the Holy Battlefield. Many Angels come from a great distances to gather here and prepare for their underwater exploration.

As one of the most important maps in the new expansion, Palm Base is a transfer station which symbolizes the harmonious blend of the four factions. Players can find a Trainer, Repairman, Pet Master, Healing Seller and other NPCs in the base. What’s more, players can accept primary quests from their factions’ NPCs.

To see the pictures of the new Base and surroundings, please visit the Angels Online Screenshot Gallery.

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