Angels Online: New Instance Guide

The Gulp Room is different from other instances in Angels Online. It really challenges players’ cooperation and concentration. Even if they defeat all the small monsters and the powerful BOSSes, they can’t move on to the next step unless they can find the switch. Today, the official team of Angels Online is giving a brief introduction to the Gulp Room for all players so that they can get through this instance smoothly.

Players will be teleported to a square after they enter the instance. They will find an NPC called Scientist Boni on the right side of the square, who will give each player a “Devil Feast” quest.

Step One

In the dim lighting, the Gulp Room is a mysterious and horrible instance full of rotten mummies. Players have to defeat all the mummies before they can turn on the “torch” switch that opens the sanctum. After they’ve entered the sanctum, the 6 stone statues inside will become monsters at random. Players have to defeat them in order to move on to the next step.

The correct order is Barft on the right, the Headless Knight on the left, the Wolf King on the left, the Gebuer Leader on the right, the Headless Knight on the right, the Gebuer Leader on the left, Barft on the left and the Wolf King on the right. Got it? Good.

Step Two

Players will meet the Lion Dragon at this stage. It should not be difficult for them to defeat this BOSS if they can cooperate well with teammates. It is recommended that players carry enough HP and SP potions to last the long battle. During the battle, all DPS players’ damage is useless on the Lion Dragon.

The main tank should attract the BOSS to the upper right corner of the map so that a large group of Powder Pails will be born by the system at random. All DPS players should attack those Powder Pails together. After the Powder Pail blasts, the BOSS will lose a certain amount of HP as well. Pay attention! The Lion Dragon has a lot of HP and it is destined to be a long battle.

Step Three

Players can obtain a Devil Key to enter the next step after they’ve defeated the Lion Dragon.
The Hell Evil Eyes here have the highest rate of drops in the Gulp Room. Players will have the chance to obtain top weapons by defeating the Hell Evil Eyes. Meanwhile, by defeating the elves here, players can obtain a kind of Elf Bottle which will be helpful in defeating the BOSS in the next step.

After players have collected enough Elf Bottles, the main tank can click the pool to summon a BOSS called Glutton. The same strategy as in Step 2 will work here as well. The main tank should throw the Elf Bottles as quickly as possible. Each Elf Bottle will summon 3-4 Red Demons at random. After players kill all the Red Demons, the BOSS will lose HP as well.

It is more difficult for players to rush into the Gulp Room because it requires good cooperation among teammates. We recommend coming up with a good strategy and putting together a veteran team so that players can challenge the instance smoothly.

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