Angels Online: New Instance Preview – The Lost Region

To help players find out more about the new instances in Angels Online and how to play the game more smoothly, the Angels Online team are very happy to make a brief introduction of the Lost Region, one instance in the new expansion "the Lost Atlantis".
Before the fierce war between Angels and Demons it was said that the most flourishing city on the earth was Yatiss. Blessed by the Gods, people lived and worked in peace and contentment in Yatiss. Apart from its abundant fortune, one of the most amazing developments in Yatiss was its technology. It is even said that people in Yatiss had found an endless energy source and then manufactured many Giant Soldiers to protect their city.
Yatiss was a peaceful city until the fierce war between Angels and Demons burst out. The demons occupied the beautiful city and made a series of powerful weapons to fight the Angels using the help of the high technology. In order to punish the demons, the Gods destroyed Yatiss and it sunk under the water.
But do endless darkness and a myriad of demons still surround this once civilized city? It seems that the past prosperity was only a legend. Nobody can confirm whether or not Yatiss really existed. But the peaceful ocean is not as safe as it looks. If players would like to explore this mysterious region, they should first work hard to reach level 85.
In fact, there is also another legend about the origin of the Lost Region; which states that the relic of the Atlantis was torn into two parts. The smaller one was called the Lost Region and was the land forgotten by the Gods. The merman army and scale fish always steal materials from here. They will attack everyone who dares to come near.
The whole instance is divided into three parts, Atlantis’ Armory, Parade Platform and Lab Site.
Atlantis’ Armory: Remains of ancient machines are scattered everywhere along the way. It seems that either people deposited their ammunition here or it was an important place which should be guarded. Although those Giant Soldiers are broken now, they still seem to keep watch and look as though they could spring into action at any moment… This place is over-run by Mermen.
Parade Platform: It used to be a parade ground. A Giant Soldier stands guard; it wasn’t completely destroyed by the deep. Its joints are covered by moss but it seems as though it has been active recently… Many Scale Fish come and go here.
Lab Site: It used to be a lab in Yatiss. However, it has been completely covered by sand and dust because it sunk under the water for so long. Now, there are only a few control crystals around in this vast ground. It is difficult to imagine its past glory.
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