Angels Online: New Ride System in Atlantis

Ride system is one of the signature features of Angels Online. All AO players look forward to getting a unique ride. Today, the Angels Online team is very happy to introduce these new rides for the new expansion to all players.

Scenes under water
Atlantis used to be a paradise located to the southwest of the kingdom of Eden. After the war between the Angels and the Devils, the kingdom of Atlantis was cast down below the waves.
Therefore, most of the new scenes in the new expansion were built under water and most new rides are underwater animals. Apart from Seals and Seahorses for fighting system players, there are Shark robots which have more powerful attack and defense for production system players, especially the Jelly Fish Robot.

About new rides
The Rides’ attributes have attracted many players’ attention. The Spot Seal for Mages can help players increase Spell Attack and Defense to 120 and quicken Movement Speed by 45%. The Ride Fast Seahorse for fighting system players will increase Rigor by 39, Agility by 22 in addition to the 120 Attack Speed, and 45% Movement Speed bonuses. The Jelly Fish Robot for production system players will help them increase HP by 400 and the weight they can load to 12,000. It is helpful for players’ collecting and manufacturing.

How to obtain?
Players can obtain these new rides by defeating BOSSes in the new instances, the Evil Ship and the Lost Region. Meanwhile, the AO team will be holding a series of events for the new expansion and players may obtain new rides if they take part in these events.

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