Angels Online: Spotlight on Rare Pet Eggs

Angels Online: Spotlight on Rare Pet Eggs


Angels Online is an MMORPG that stresses friendship and companionship, so it’s no wonder pets is such an essential element of the game. Skill-laden pets are armed with special (and sometimes deadly) abilities that help their masters quickly rise through level after level. Players invest a lot of attention and care in these loyal companions. As it grows, a pet develops based on training styles that can influence its abilities. With a wide range of possibilities, different players can train similar eggs and end up with very different results. Pets can even change their masters as players adapt their fighting style to take full advantage of their pets’ skills.

When it comes to finding and nurturing the perfect pet, rare pet eggs are always in demand. To get them, players must defeat Bosses and trust in lucky drops. If you’re searching for a rare pet egg, we’ve got the lowdown on several favorites to help you decide which one you want to make your own.

Brute’s Egg
With exceptional defenses and stats, this egg transforms into a Blood Wolf, Evil Werewolf or one of six other possibilities when it reaches mid-levels. With incredible defenses and some amazing abilities, these pets are great choices for those looking for a defensive stalwart.

Beast’s Egg
The Beast’s Egg has a low drop rate and is only available from a few select Bosses. Like the Brute’s Egg, it features has impressive stats. It also gains incredible strength as it levels up. With each skill it learns, its appearance undergoes dramatic changes, until you end up with a majestic pet that is both attractive and powerful.

Nature’s Egg

Nature’s Egg is one of the rarest in Eden. Along with its unique appearance it has great basic stats. In an evolved form, such as the Crying Cactus or Shouting Cactus, it will grant players a much-sought-after advantage in PVP battles.

Elf Egg
One of the rare pets from the “Lost Atlantis” series, the Elf Egg pet’s bubbly and cute appearance makes it irresistible to many players. Though adorable, its ability to leech at higher levels is very useful when you want to keep other players occupied in PVP battles.


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Dragon Egg
In China, the mystical dragon is a symbol of authority that has always been revered for its power and regal appearance. Though some may wonder if its reputation is greater than its value, many would rather run from a fight than face this creature’s mysterious abilities on even terms.

Fuzz Ball Egg
Despite its strange appearance, the Fuzz Ball is most prized for its looks. Its cuddly and furry form also sports a small set of wings that give it an angelic appearance. The Fuzz Ball comes in many colors, including black, white, yellow, pink and green.

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