Angels Online: Top 5 Female Overview

The Lost Atlantis, the new expansion for Angels Online continues the cute game style with many beautiful female NPCs and handsome male NPCs having been added into the game. Today, the Angels Online team will be discussing the top 5 female NPC in game.

1: Angel Tutor
After creating a character and entering the game, players will meet the first female NPC, called Angel Tutor, in the Angel Lyceum. She is a helpful assistant to Lyceum Leader Michael and she is extremely knowledgeable. Meanwhile, she is gentle and patient. Players need to finish the series of newbie quests she gives them for training. After gaining the appointed credits, players can graduate from the Angel Lyceum by talking to her again. In a word, the Angel Tutor is a players’ gentle guide and caring teacher!

2: Farm Mistress
As the hostess of the Spike Farm, the Farm Mistress is always kind enough to help Angels who would like to have a rest there. However, she’s felt lonely recently and would like to raise a pet. Players may obtain a surprise if they give her 10 Pet Feed for her pet.

3: Smith Rachael
Smith Rachael is the latest generation of a traditional well-known smith family. It is said that her father used to be a famous smith and his weapons had no equal. Players are always looking for these precious weapons. Now, Smith Rachael has learnt some of her father’s skills and become one of the most sought after sellers of top weapons for players. Of course, it is not easy to obtain these prized weapons from her.

4: Flora
There is a beautiful girl called Flora in Puqi Village. She is generous and bold and very attractive because of her healthy complexion, and amazing smile. She wishes to collect all the flower seeds in Eden for her stunning garden. Dear players, would you like to help her dreams come true?

5: Shell Girl
This lonely girl stands near the Shining Coast and collects shells every day. You can find a bit of sorrow and grief hiding in her eyes

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