Anime Trumps Closed Beta Coming this March

Anime Trumps Closed Beta Coming this March



Publisher NGames have revealed the new ace up their sleeve – Anime Trumps, a brand new anime-inspired casual card game. The first limited closed beta phase will be launching this March.


Anime Trumps


Featuring recognizable characters from Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball and more, Anime Trumps mixes Eastern anime and Western board games to create a unique gameplay experience. By marrying the best elements of role play and card games with heaps of literature and arts references, Anime Trumps’ casual-yet-cerebral gameplay promises to appeal to anime and game fans alike.



Anime Trumps is an anime-inspired casual card browser game that plays out in a similar way to the classic board game, “BANG”.



Between 4-8 players take on the roles of different anime characters as they compete against each other to reach their unique goal. Each player has a different end-goal to reach according to the role they are designated at the start of the game. There are 4 types of roles available:


The Master – wins by killing all Betrays and Revolts

The Assistant – wins by protecting the Master and killing and Betrays and Revolts

The Betray –
must kill all other factions and defeat the Master before anybody else

The Revolt – wins by killing the Master.


Anime Trumps


Players must achieve their end-goal by outsmarting their opponents and combining their cards and character skills effectively. The first player to achieve their goal wins the game.



Additionally, players will be able to face off in 1v1 and 3v3 modes, which promise thrilling, intensely close-fought battles that will go right down to the final card.



Join the Closed Beta

Publisher NGames have confirmed a limited closed beta phase will begin later this month, with all progress data wiped out after the test in preparation for the Anime Trumps launch. The beta will allow players to take on the role of 16 Naruto characters over 3 game modes: Newbie Mode; 4-player Roles Mode; and 6-player Roles Mode.



Although an in-game tip system will be on hand to help players understand the rules, Anime Trumps promises to provide an intuitive experience with no complex tutorial required.

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