APB: Reloaded’s Closed Beta Coming February

APB: Reloaded’s Closed Beta Coming February

APB has been in the news an awful lot recently. Just over a month ago reports snuck out that K2 Network purchased the rights to APB after the game went up for sale. Those reports were indeed correct and Reloaded Productions (Part of K2) confirmed the purchase a week later with an official press release.


In the release Reloaded Productions stated that it would be turning APB into a full free-to-play MMO which would support micro-transactions and also revealed plans to re-release APB as APB: Reloaded in Q1 2011. Which we are in right now.



Yesterday news came out that the re-release is on track for release. A closed beta for the new APB is planned to begin in late February and the official APB Reloaded Twitter feed states that more information will be coming next week.


The question on everyone’s mind is: How well will APB do second time round? Will it plummet once again or will it become a success? One thing has been made clear: APB Reloaded will be more appealing to the F2Player by opening up all zones to everyone and not requiring the former subscription model to participate in battles.  


Here’s hoping those bugs and janky controls have also been corrected too.. right?

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