April Fools in MMO Land

April Fools in MMO Land

April Fools, the returning day of jokes, has left many funny stories floating around the internet. As you’re on OnRPG to read about MMO’s we’ll have a look at a couple of MMO centric April Fool jokes!

WARNING: This article is full of spoilers. If you want to discover the jokes at your own pace just skip this one and come back tomorrow to see the ones you missed!

Runes of Magic – Rice of the Demon Lord
Runes of Magic is everywhere. They have boxes, T-shirts, mugs, mouse mats and – for the first time ever – they have started a cooperation with one of the largest food companies.

Now Runes of Magic makes its way off the computer screen and right into your kitchen!

According to Frogster, Rice of the Demon Lord contains only the finest varieties of medium grain rice. The smooth and clean grain is perfect for Japanese and Korean dishes. Sodium and fat free, non-allergenic and gluten free, Rice of the Demon Lord is the perfect choice for rice lovers!

April Fools in MMO land - Runes of Magic introduces Rice of the Demon Lord


Brilliant! Our very own OnRPG Demon Lord is proud of Frogster!
Blizzard – World of Warcraft
Blizzard has a long standing tradition of having very funny April Fool jokes. This year they seem to have tried to be more subtle. The first thing that drew our attention was the fact that our characters had apparently been changed to Tuskarr’s on the Armory!
April Fools in MMO land - WoW Armory has Tuskarr Chars

There is also the newly announced Battle.net Neural Interface. And we fully expect to see another couple of jokes pop up during the day!

April Fools in MMO land - Battle Net Neural Interface

Wurm Online – GM’s fooling around

The powers behind Wurm Online have pulled a lovely little April Fools joke on their players. The whole lot have been turned into creatures – mostly chicken, though we have reports of one or two other animals as well. The Head GM is a Rat, obviously!

This change comes complete with camera angle change – it is quite strange walking round Wurm just two feet off the ground. Even stranger to see a small white hen walk past brandishing a sword!
Blade And Soul – PC Version Canceled in Favour of Mobile Version
OnRPG Journalist Cinderboy picked up on a “rumor” that Blade and Soul for the PC has been canceled so that the developer can focus fully on a mobile phone version!

April Fools in MMO land - Blade & Soul Cancels PC version to focus on Mobile version

If you’re fluent in Korean you can read the original announcement here.

Semifinalist Fantasia – New MMO Announced
Our Japanese is too rusty to really determine if this is an April Fools Joke but honestly, with that name, we hope it is!

April Fools in MMO land - Final Fantasia


If you find any more fantastic MMO related April Fools jokes, be sure to share them with us on our forum!

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