AQ Worlds 3rd Birthday Celebration Tomorrow!

Adventure Quest Worlds Celebrates 3 Years Tomorrow!



Artix Entertainment will be hosting a third birthday celebration of MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds in-game this Friday, October 14th at 6 PM EDT.


Players of all levels, new and old, are invited to participate in this spectacular in-game celebration. AdventureQuest Worlds developers are promising the biggest Special Event in the history of the game. In fact, it will be so big that they are adding additional game servers, raising the level cap to 45, and splitting the celebration into two weeks: the first half will be released tomorrow, October 14th, and the second half will be released next Friday, October 21st.


“This is a dream come true for the AQWorlds team,” said Adam Bohn, CEO/Founder of Artix Entertainment, LLC. “They Might Be Giants is an amazing band and a lot of us and our players have been fans for years. Now we get to introduce a whole new generation of gamers to TMBG! We are thrilled that they agreed to partner with us and the best part is that they seem as excited about the event as we are. Working with them has been a lot of fun!”


The two-part birthday event is titled “The Collector” and will take players on a unique series of adventures with evil aliens, dinosaurs, clones, and time machines! As in every weekly release in an Artix Entertainment game, this release will consist of all new content (new zones, quests, bosses, Event Rare armors, weapons, helms, pets, etc.). Unlike any of the other releases, there will be cut scenes with voice acting by the talented John Flansburgh and John Linnell of two-time Grammy Award-winning band They Might Be Giants. Each new zone of the event will play a They Might Be Giants song in the background. Some songs that will be in the game are: Dr. Worm, The Mesopotamians, Ana Ng, When Will You Die, and at least one never-before-heard song produced and recorded specifically for the AdventureQuest Worlds third birthday event.


When players log in to tomorrow at 6 PM EDT, they will be teleported to another time and place where a giant Collector traps them in a fishbowl-like setting to be a part of his rare collection of “People With Great Destinies” before they achieve their great fates. Along with the players, the Collector has also collected a young boy named Drakath (who, as an adult, is a major villain in AQWorlds), and the band They Might Be Giants. With the help of the young Drakath and They Might Be Giants, players must find a way to escape the Collector’s world. They will need to find a way to steal the teleportation device from the Collector, activate it, and figure out how to teleport back to their own time and place. But if the device isn’t handled properly, it could teleport them to a prehistoric age with dinosaurs, shatter into a thousand pieces, or worse. They Might Be Giants are widely considered to be Brooklyn’s alternative rock pioneers. The band was formed in 1990 and since then has sold four million records worldwide, won two Grammy Awards: one for their theme to the TV sitcom Malcolm in the Middle and one for their children’s album Here Come the 123s, and their album Flood has been certified platinum by the RIAA. The band is currently on tour for their latest album Join Us, which is their highest charting album to-date.

They Might Be Giants’ songs have appeared on numerous television programs and films such as TV shows Drinky Crow Show and Malcolm in the Middle as well as movies Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Coraline. The band has composed and performed music for the Disney Channel programs Higglytown Heroes and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  And the band has also recorded covers of songs for Disney movies Meet the Robinsons and Sky High. 

WHAT: AQWorlds Third Anniversary

Friday, October 14th @ 6 PM (EDT)

WHO: They Might Be Giants, the AE Team, & YOU!

WHY:  To help They Might Be Giants escape from the Collector so they can achieve their great destinies

WHERE: In-game at

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