Archlord Introduces Episode 5: The Grand Cross

Archlord Introduces Episode 5: The Grand Cross

Webzen is pleased to announce an overhaul of its popular MMORPG Archlord, in the shape of the all-new, FREE Expansion Episode 5: The Grand Cross.

Due to go live in the coming weeks, Episode 5: The Grand Cross will add a new battle system called The Battle Ground into the existing PvP system in Archlord.

Based on the game scenario, the new content patch will deliver a new race-versus-race Battle Ground, capable of supporting every Archlord players to provide unique and interesting PvP challenges in the never-end conflict between the three races Human, Orc and Moonelf.

Archlord International, Horny Helmet is Horny

Race vs race
Unlike the other PvP content such as The Siege Warfare, The Battle Ground includes a new race-versus-race style, massive war content which will be held on every Thursday and Sunday. You will be needed to be a part of an army of your race, regardless of which guild you are in or the level of your character.

To win the battle players must work to dominate the most advantageous position in the Battle Ground, infiltrate the enemy base and kill their opponents as well as their enemy heroes in their fortress. The first faction to destroy the other races’ hero before the time expires will win the battle.

Heroes, resurrected
Once you enter the Battle Ground, you will be inside a fort. You will find on your first arrival that the well-known great heroes from the Archlord ancient history are placed at the fortress to lead their own kind. Masterfully depicted from the CG movies, the great heroes of Archlord; Zian, Ugdrasil and Gracia will be stood there waiting for players to join them. You must protect the hero of your kind while destroying your opponent heroes to win the battle.

Victory and rewards
The three races will contend for a victory, which will be basically the ultimate goal of the Battle Ground. Winning the battle will not only make your race famous for being the most powerful race in the Chantra continent, but also you will gain a special race spirit ability, absorbed from the defeated race, which will make you and the other members of your race stronger.

Additionally, Charisma Points which are obtained by killing opposing side players or monsters can be used as a currency to earn both honor and exclusive realm items at the Charisma Gate.

New Features
– New battle ground, the race-vs-race war zone
– New realm monsters and raid bosses
– New collectible armor sets with unique stats
– New Character Ability: The Charisma Point

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