Atlantica Online Kicks off 3rd Year Anniversary

Atlantica Online Kicks off 3rd Year Anniversary Events



Nexon America’s strategic turn-based massively multiplayer online game, Atlantica Online has kicked off a series of three year anniversary celebrations with in-game events, items and NX giveaways, and a new mercenary. The anniversary-exclusive Hunt for the Warlord’s Poem event allows players to hunt and craft their way towards obtaining the elusive mercenary Khun Phaen, while the Grand PvP Championship will fire up some competition. In addition, 24 hours of EXP bonuses and login rewards on October 30 will rev up the engine for the next chapter in Atlantica Online.



The debut of the warlord mercenary Khun Phaen is stirring up the Atlantica world with his powerful skills and exclusive ability to use an orb, in addition to a sword which grants him the highest levels of magical defense and intelligence of all melee mercenaries.



Players can recruit the legendary Khun Phaen as their mercenary by participating in the Hunt for the Warlord’s Poem. The Poem Pieces can be collected through extended play time, hunting Thief Acongs, or earning the Third Anniversary Combatant’s Box and the Warlord’s Hoard. The event will be available through November 16.



The stakes are higher than ever in the Grand Championship Battle Royale. On October 31 players can compete in PvP matches against players from all servers where eight champions will bask in their glory winning up to 100,000 NX.



Last but not least, an anniversary calls for a grand celebration. Atlantica Day on October 30 will welcome players to enjoy 24 hours of special mercenary auctions, item giveaways, and exclusive sales. As an added perk, players will be rewarded for simply logging in, with 200% EXP bonuses on Game, Craft and Workload EXP all day.

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