BATTERY’s First Update For 2011

BATTERY’s First Update For 2011


WEBZEN Inc. have announced the first update in 2011 for ‘BATTERY,’ the Urban Military Shootout FPS game in South Korea. This update will add a new battle mode, ‘Extreme Extermination’ with new guns and new skills to ‘BATTERY’.


Battery Online Grenade Explosion MMORPG


Extreme Extermination is a new battle mode, where players battle without hinderance to possess the bomb and place it inside the enemy base. This fast paced battle will keep gamers excited with both the enemy and your own army reinfocements spawning immediately.


WEBZEN also released a game play video along side this news to present this new battle mode. This video shows 8 VS 8 Extreme Extermination Mode in the China Market with two new weapons: The ‘SCAR-L,’ and automatic revolver, DESERT EAGLE.’





Battery Online Desert Eagle MMO FPS

WEBZEN will also update new skills such as ‘DEVASTATOR BULLET’ which can explode dispersively into 5 bullets, and ‘BOMB DETECTER.’


A WEBZEN representative said “We are adding this new battle mode with new content to fulfill all users’ preferences, and supply them dynamic tactics and still easy to approach game play.”  He added “We will continue to satisfy both existing and new gamers with tactically prepared content in many different ways for many years to come”


More details on BATTERY, the updates can be found at the official website.

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